Interference from smart lights

We use Twinkly smart Christmas lights and have done so for the past two years. Every year we run into the same problem. Our Tado system becomes unstable. It calls for heat and changes the tado smart radiator valves to on, but the bridge fails to communicate to the extension kit and the boiler doesn’t fire. It’s happening nearly every day now. I unplug the bridge and it usually solves the problem. I know I should just ditch the lights, but...little kids. Also, we need reliable heat because of the little kids. Is there anything you can recommend? The lights and tado bridge are in the same room. I can’t move them further apart as this is the only layout that’s reliable after many repositionings. Just wondered if you would have any ideas. Thank you.


  • The source of the interference is the actual wiring on the Twinkly lights. If manufacturers used shielded wires you would not get a problem with electromagnetic interference being transmitted into the room. You could wrap all the wires in aluminium foil and connect it to earth, but not really a practical solution. The only working solution is to put as much distance as possible between the lights and the bridge.

    These lights also cause problems with WiFi, which may be slower than usual.