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Hi Community.

I'm new to TADO products and family. Couple of days ago I've replaced my Honeywell modular thermostat with TADO thermostat. Installation was quite simple and everything is working.

But now my TADO thermostat is always heating. Temperature is set to 20 and current temp is 19.8, so it keep heating the system with 25%. My Previous thermostat had modulation system, it was heating only if temperature drops more than 0.5 degrees and stop heating than temperature reaches requested temperature in the room +0.5 degrees.

Is TADO supposed to heat the system constantly? Does it supports modulation? What is the best practices to avoid continuous heating?

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  • Viper
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    Hey all,

    I'm have the same setup and the same issues. I've got the boiler also connected to the - and + on the (in this case) wireless receiver. In the tado app you see 3 little flames. It only starts heating after it reaches 3 flames. When it has 1 or 2 flames the boiler is not heating. I've also got the Tado starter kit V3 but then the wireless version and a Intergas HRE 28/24 A boiler.

    Its still heating the house but its kind of annoying that it cools down toe 18,5/19,0 degrees. Then goes full berzerk and heats it up to 20,5/21 degrees. And down again and the circle goes on. 😅 Is modulation not supported or have I done something wrong with the wiring?


  • Hi @Roman_M,
    Can you provide a bit more details/information about exactly which Tado products that you have installed....for example....have you installed a Tado starter'll not work without one.
    More info please.
  • Roman_M
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    Hi @GrayDav4276. I’ve installed Tado starter kit V3+, it includes Internet Bridge and Smart Thermostat. Connection A/B (-/+) with two wires from Boiler.