Does smart AC control also work as temperature sensor for radiator valves?

Hi all

I've ordered a load of Tado kit as I got tired of waiting for an answer to this question from tado.

In my living room I have a radiator and an AC unit. I will install a control valve on the radiator and will install the smart AC.
Will the smart AC act as a more accurate temperature sensor for the radiator as well as the AC? Seems sensible but I couldn't see any information about that.



  • I finally got a response from support and they say that no, the smart AC control does not work as a temperature sensor for the radiator.

    That's disappointing. Struggling to see what advantage they will give me over the Sensibo that I have already. Look like they might be going back.

  • The AC controller uses WiFi, whereas the heating devices use the radio protocol 6LoWPAN. Meaning the heating and AC devices are not directly compatible. However, no practical reason why these devices cannot communicate over the homeowner’s network or via the internet. Tado is missing a trick.

  • yeah, I think it's a missed opportunity. I only bought them because I thought they would integrate with the rest of the system.

    There might some minor advantages over Sensibo (turning off when you leave home for example) but I also think Sensibo has minor advantages (updates state when remote is used) so I'll save £130 and return them.

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