Should I give up before I begin?

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I've ordered about £550 of kit to replace my nest thermostat and Sensibos with Tado thermostat, temerature sensors and Smart AC control through my house.

I think that Tado looks like a great system but the install instructions I tried to use yesterday were missing bits so I am waiting for a response from support.

Reading these forums it seems that support is non-existent and that there is a real problem with range and a lack of extenders....

My question is should I give up now and return all of the kit?

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    Depending upon where you bought it from, if it doesn’t work you should be able to send it back and get a refund.

    I’d recommend persevering though. Once installed correctly and working, I’ve found tadoº quite brilliant. I spent a similar amount last winter, it paid itself back in just a few months and continues to save me money. Furthermore, the more precise control I have over the temperature in various rooms makes life a lot more convenient for me.

    The idea behind tadoº’s customised installation instructions is great, but that is of little use if you can’t get hold of their support people when they don’t work. Malfunctioning heating is so intrusive to our daily life at this time of year, so it is quite hard not to lose patience. The tadoº people know their support is overwhelmed and trying hard to put that right.

    Whilst waiting, I’d recommend taking a look at the professional installer instructions if you haven’t done so already. They might fill in some of the blanks and put things right:

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