I have a Danfoss wired room thermostat model RCT-230P. How to I connect it to my Tado thermostat?

Tado have not yet issued instructions for connection to my Worcester oil fired boiler so I do not expect to be able to control the hot water system but I should like to be able to control my central heating via the internet

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  • GrilledCheese2
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    1) Isolate the power

    2) Connect the blue wire (neutral) to P1

    3) Connect the brown wire (terminal 1) to NO

    4) Connect the pink covered wire to COM

    5) Discard the short loop of wire

    6) If there is an unattached earth wire connect it to P2

    The Tado thermostat does not need a neutral or earth. P1 and P2 are parking terminals to keep those wires safe. If you are unsure of anything then wait for customer support to get back to you. In the past the customer support has been excellent, but they are clearly struggling at the moment. Hoping they get back on track soon.

  • KFA
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    Thank you so much for such clear advice

    i shall be away from the house for the rest of this month.

    i will let you know in due course if this is successful but I am sure it will be

  • KFA
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    Hi GrilledChees2,

    my daughter and her boyfriend managed to get the thermostat working today. They even managed to set it up to control the hot water system.

    your advice was very helpful.

    i now need to sort out how to stop the notifications. I keep being told that a window has been left open!


  • I cannot find any instructions as to how to connect my current wired thermostat to the Tado thermostat. The wired thermostat is a Danfoss RET-230P

  • How is the Danfoss thermostat wired? Do you have 3 wires going to terminals labelled N, L & 1? Plus a short piece of wire linking terminals L & 3.

  • Hi grilled cheese. Thanks for answering.

    i tried to upload a photo from my iPhone but I get a message that the photo is not an allowed extension.

    the Danfoss thermostat has two triple connectors

    on the left the individual connectors are not labelled, on the right they are labelled 1,2&3

    the live, brown connector goes to the terminal marked 1

    the blue neutral connector goes to the unlabelled connector on the far left

    there is a pink covered wire attached to the inner terminal of the unlabelled connector with the short wire connector. I presume that takes the signal to the boiler.

    i tried scanning in the the ode on the box for the replacement connector but it was not recognised. The codes for the thermostat and it’s internet connector were recognised , the instructions were clear and I set it up quickly.

    The boiler is a one year old Worcester oil fired but apparently instructions have not yet been issued for that model. It’s a great pity as the Tado gear seems of good quality and design.