Guests keep on disconnecting radiator knobs from the mount by accident and then...

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the radiator goes to maximum, guests open up the window to compensate, and I do not receive any notification that the radiator knob is disconnected.

I have 20 Tado Devices on a single bridge.

5 apartments, in a house that are rented out for short term stays.

More often than I like, people - who are used to normal radiator knobs - grab the whole knob and twist it until it comes off. Then they either panic or ignore it, or whatever. But its as bad experience for all of us.

Two points:

  1. The very least TADO should do is notify me that a knob is disconnected from the mount (this should be a software thing)
  2. Somehow make it less easy to discounnect the knob from the mount like traditional knobs have (danfoss)
  3. Given that number 2 will be unlikely, produce and distribute stickers that i can use to put on the knobs to make clear that people shold turn the front only, and not the whole knob.



  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    Do you really suggest that Tado should produce and distribute stickers for your situation?

    Would it not be much easier to get a sticker sheet from the local stationary shop and print them yourself??

  • MrTooom
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    I'm just explaining what is happening in my use-case. I think that the rental business is a very interesting market for Tado, but what happens to me, will happen to others. It is so bad that the product, without specific adjustments, becomes useless to me. 1 out of 5 people turns the knob from the mount. That is a product problem. The stickers could be a quick fix for Tado at extremely low cost. Obviously, the first two points I mention would be better.

    It would be something to put in the box by default. I'm not asking Tado to print out some stickers for me. Tho, if it were to become something they add to the box, i do hope they ship me some :) I'm sure their designers do a better job than what I would do.


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    I don't think that Tado have the rental business in mind at all!

    To properly serve that, there would be many changes needed in the account system. Possibility to limit capabilities of an account (set the temperature for a subset of the rooms, no possibility to change configuration or invite other accounts, etc).

    There are many requests for new features in that area but they aren't honored. So I think Tado still only focuses on the single-family home where all account holders are equal, and behave in a sensible way.

  • Thank you for your opinion.

    I'm in the rental business, and besides the thing I mention, it fits absolutely perfect in my setup so I guess we see things very different here.

    Just FYI, although I'm not sure if you care, I do not give my guests app access. It's just the smart schedule, open window detection, and remotely turn off complete apartments. Works like a charm.

    And I do think that the mistake isn't because people are not sensible. It is just that people do not know, and they thing they got used to over their life-time does work by turning the whole button. Once you know, it's great, but if you don't realize its a different type of knob, the mistake (as it turns out) is made easy with very little force (they come off too easy in any case in my opinion...)

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