Offer tips on how to set my Room thermostat where the same room has a Thermostatic Valve

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I have a thermostat and a thermostat red valve in the same room. So i am unsure how to set the room temperature and on what one.

1# if i set the Room stat to 21 and the rad valve to 20 hte room would never reach temperature and also the room thermostat would not stop calling for heat.

2# if is set the Rad thermostat to 21 and the Room thermostat to 18 I believe it would stop the room calling for heat it that zone.

3# Should i set the room stat to 18 and use the Rad to call foe heat at 21?

Or do i Remove the Room thermostat from the Zone controller at selection and select the Room valve instead .Sounds correct i guess?

Thanks for your help

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  • KevinPawsey
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    If you mean that you have a Tado room thermostat and Tado radiator valve, then the two of them will ‘group’ together to be operated as one, so you set it to 21 degrees, and they both set to 21 degrees.

    if you mean that you have a Tado radiator valve, and a non-smart room thermostat, then you may have an issue with the extension kit which is integrated with the boiler fighting with the room thermostat.

    if you have a Tado room thermostat and a non-smart radiator valve, then there are a couple of approaches. I personally would set the radiator valve slightly higher than the Tado wall thermostat, so if the wall thermostat is set to 21 degrees, set the room thermostat to 22 degrees, then, when Tado demands heat from the boiler, you know that the radiator thermostat will always be open, and ready to heat the room, but when the Tado wall thermostat reaches temperature the radiator valve may not be completely closed... so if the boiler has a heat demand, then the room may warm up slightly past the Tado setting. it is a bit of a trade off, but at least you will know that the room will always be AT LEAST at the setting of the Tado wall thermostat... or a little over.

    Hope that is of some help.


  • KevinPawsey
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    They are automatically linked in the app when you put them both in the same room, and then, when you adjust the temperature for the room, or adjust one of the thermostats, bother thermostats are adjusted the same.
    All you need to do in the app, is say which is the “primary” thermostat that it uses to read the temperature for the room.
  • KevinPawsey
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    You’re welcome, glad to give something back :)
    Go to the App/Settings/Devices, go to the room in question, and the select the device in “Measuring Device”.
    It is best to choose the ‘coldest’ device, so one that is next to a door, or under a window.
    Even though the devices are set to the same temperature, they do open and close independently, so the warmer one will close and stop demanding temperature first, and the second one will continue to be open and heat the room until the correct temperature is reached.
    Although, in your situation, because you have a wall thermostat, and TRV, you may find that you need to have the TRV as the measuring device, as the wall thermostat doesn’t actually control a valve. In this instance, if you can, try and have the wall thermostat in the warmest part of the room.
  • KevinPawsey
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    Something I have done for my TRVs is to set them up in conjunction with a thermometer in the room, so I would leave the digital thermometer in the room at a location that I want heated to the right temperature for a while to stabilise. I then look at the thermometer, and use the offset on the TRV to get the “correct” temperature for the room.
    The wall thermostat I have used in a room that has a radiator that doesn’t have smart TRVs, so that the room can demand temperature from the wall thermostat... if that makes sense... not sure if that is an option for you?
  • KevinPawsey
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    I am sure you could have, it would have just taken longer ;)
    You’re welcome, glad I could help


  • Thank you so much. I have ac tado smart thermostat and a tado smart radiator valve in the same room.. Where and how do you link them. And do I just set the room Thermostat. This will control the valve?
  • Thank you again. Where do I find in the app where to set what one is the primary.I want the room stat to set the temperature Your help has been most welcome.
  • Thank you again -Ive got it all done. I couldnt of done it without you. Fantastic . 😁