Multiple Zones

Hi everyone,

My house is relatively new (just over 3 years old) and the way my thermostats are set up is that I have 2 wired thermostats. One is for the livingroom only and the other controls the rest of the house and is situated in the downstairs hall. Being a mid sized 3 bedroom house, this is extremely inefficient as the hall is very often the coolest area of the house and this being set to say 20 deg, means that the rooms will be over 23-25 before the hall catches up.

i have bought a thermostat starter kit for the livingroom first (due to be delivered tonight), although I am aiming over time to add the radiator valves to the rest of the house.

Do I need another Tado thermostat for the hall so that the radiator valves can communicate with it? Or should I get the valves and set the existing thermostat to be always on i.e. leave the boiler valves open constantly so the valves can have full control?




  • Hi Liam,

    How did you get on with your install?

    Do you know if there are two different Zone valves (in addition to hot water)