Tado <> Apple Homekit: temporary heating change issues...



Has the Apple Homekit integration changed massively?

Changing the heat via Homekit used to alter it until the next scheduled change in heating. But now, changing the heating via Homekit changes it for whenever someone is home... This means that when making a heat adjustment, it changes forever unless someone specifically cancels it - meaning rooms are heated unnecessarily when they are not being used.

Over the past year or so of using Tado, my family have come to rely on Tado's smart schedules for day-to-day heating control, and Apple Homekit for the occasional heating boost. It used to be possible to increase the heating on a particularly cold night, then the schedule would override Homekit and revert to its normal routine.

Together with the Homekit integration, the 'set it, forget it' factor of Tado was the reason I bought it... Hopefully I've just made a mistake and it's still possible to use Tado and Homekit in this way...

Advice very much appreciated!




  • Germán
    Germán | Admin

    Hello Rich,

    The HomeKit commands apply the duration that you have set for the setting "Manual control in tadoº device", and the behavior you describe is the expected for when it's been set "Until next automatic change", as it would also apply whenever the Home/Away modes are switched, not just the scheduled blocks. The setting "Until next time block" is not available in the Manual Control, only in the V3+ app.



  • As a new user to Tado, I am seeing the same issue and frustratingly was initially finding the heating not turning on in a morning because we had used a 'Goodnight' scene in Homekit to turn off lights and heating the night before. This left the heating system in a permanent off state until cancelled.

    How do I overide this as it takes away the whole point of the system being fully integrated with Homekit?