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Help... my parents house has Tado installed. They appear to have a smart thermostat and another connector unit at the boiler. They don’t have broadband yet. How do we get started using the system? The thermostat appears to not be syncing with boiler meaning heating is on constantly. Please help!

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    If the previous users did not unpair the devices then everything should sync up locally, but I doubt they would have messed around with configuration. The app may not work but you should have local control of the devices to switch on the heating.


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    Without the internet you can still operate the heating manually providing the internet bridge is powered up. The LEDs will flash to show their is no internet connection but it will still connect to devices in the home.

    If the previous occupiers have transferred ownership of the system then you will be able to use the Tado app for manual control.

    If you don’t have ownership of the system you can use manual control of the devices to switch the heating on/off.

  • What do I connect the bridge to? Should it have a power supply? Please pardon my ignorance.. we’ve been left in the soup with this!
  • The bridge has two connectors. A micro USB connector for power and an Ethernet connector for communication.

    The bridge comes with a 5V USB power adapter that plugs into a power socket. Or some routers have a USB port and it’s possible to power the bridge directly from the router without using the power adapter.

    You will need a short Ethernet cable to connect the bridge to one of the LAN ports on the back of the router.

  • This diagram may make it easier to understand.

  • I assume once we get power to the bridge again (as clearly it’s been left unplugged by the previous owner) will everything automatically reboot and sync or is there another process I need to follow? Thank you so much for your help!!
  • Any idea if it’s possible to obtain ownership of tado without the previous owner sending link to parent’s email? I am doubtful we will get this from previous owner as so far she has been quite unhelpful, so hoping there is a work around to allow them full access for programming etc?
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    This is what the previous owner should have done before moving out.

    Tado will be reluctant to transfer ownership because it could be a rental property and ownership needs to stay with the landlord. Tado just don’t know who the real owner is. But you could try to persuade them.

    I know someone who was in your position and they used the solicitor who handled the property purchase to get the account password. The solicitor told the previous owner that they would have to reimburse the cost of replacing the smart thermostat, including professional installation. The password was promptly handed over. In the UK the boiler and the heating controls are part of the fixtures and fittings, therefore part of the purchase.

  • GrilledCheese2 you are a saint!! If you don’t mind I’ll come back if I need further help.. I cannot thank you enough this far!
  • Hoping you may still be able to help with this. The previous owner has now confirmed she has removed herself from the Tado system at my parents. I’d like to try and set them up with the app etc. I note previously you had suggested previous owner should invite new owner before de-registering themselves from the system (obviously this hasn’t happened). How would I go about setting my parents up now? Any advice gratefully received!
  • If the previous owner has de-registered themselves I think you will have two options to get control.

    1) Ask Tado support to assist with the account/device transfer. They should be able to see that the previous owner is no longer using the system.

    2) Create your own Tado account and re-install each device into the system using the app. If you have a simple setup this option should be straightforward to do. If the previous owner has not unregistered the devices properly this option will fail.

  • Thank you for your reply.. I did exactly as you say.. and I finally have them set up with Tado! Thank you for your help! Much appreciated!