Tado Thermostat not starting boiler, software bug?

I installed a Tado thermostat and radiator valves back in the June and do far I've been very impressed but a couple of days ago the main Thermostat stopped switching the boiler. As a temporary measure I had to wire a cheap mechanical stat just to get some heat in the house.

After a couple of support emails it was blamed on the fact the room I had assigned the main thermostat too was using the radiator valve as the temperature sensor, after changing this to the main thermostat everything appears to be working again.

Given that this has been working fine for months is this a bug that's been introduced or by design? If it's by design then the app shouldn't let you do it.

I haven't found this limitation noted anywhere so I'm putting this on here should anyone else have the same issue.


  • pertain
    edited December 2020

    finally how you can separate the room radiators from the main thermostat?

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