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Thermo stays on after room temp reached


Can someone help me in understanding how / when a wireless smart thermostat manages the heating. Currently, I have a wireless smart thermostat managing a wet underfloor heating in the kitchen. I have the temp set for 17.5 overnight and flip to 18.5 at 8am. Here is the picture from today

Here are the key timings

  • 08:15 - Room Temp 17.9, the system goes to 3 squiggles (the heating symbols), which is the start of the dark grey area
  • 09.56 - Room temp reaches 18.5 but there is no change in heating levels
  • 10:44 - Room Temp 18.8, the system goes from 3 to 2 squiggles (the lighter grey area)
  • 11:13 Room temp 19.1, the system goes from 2 squiggles to 1 squiggle (the next lighter grey area)
  • 11:30 Room temp 19.3 - system turns off (no squiggles)

Why does the heating remain on once the room temperature reaches the temperature set on a thermostat?


  • I'm questioning this too. I want the stat to turn off the moment it hits the requested temperature. I'm sure these thermostats were meant to save energy, and at this rate the heating is on for an extra hour or 2 more than is required every day. I have had to put in an extra setting at 8am on ours to knock the requested temp down by half a C just so it doesn't overrun.

    Any info on how to stop this would be great!
  • This is a smart thermostat which causes more temperature fluctuation than the dumbest manual on/off thermostat which you can buy for 10 Euros.
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