Smart Thermostat V3 does not seems to work properly

Hi all

A week ago I've installed a Tado Smart Thermostat V3, including bridge. I use smart radiator thermostats for the two bedrooms and the bathroom, for the living room and the kitchen I am using the smart thermostat (hence, no smart radiator thermostats). The problem I am having with the smart thermostat is as follows: every morning I manually (on the app) set the temperature of the living room at 19/20 decrees, hoping that the Smart Thermostat will shut off my radiators as soon as the temperature of the living room has reached the desired temperature. However, the problem is that it keeps heating my room, up to 22 decrees. Has anyone else this problem and now how to solve this? My rooms with the smart radiator thermostats are performing perfectly so do not know where it goes wrong with the smart thermostat...

Hopefully someone can help me.



  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @PBDB Any radiators that do not have tado smart stats will receive heat whenever any tado-controlled device is, itself, getting heat. You need tado radiator stats.

  • Thanks for your swift answer samd, what do you mean with tado radiator stats? And you mean that if a room where a tado smart radiator thermostat is installed that it should heat that particular room, also the living room will start heating because of it?

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @PBDB Exactly that. There are 2 options for you viz put tado TRVs on all radiators that have 'dumb' TRVs OR create a zone for the smart Tado thermostat to control all the dumb TRVs but that would mean appropriate plumbing.

  • Thanks again samd. However, to be honoust, I do not really understand your solutions (i.e. what means viz, TRV, 'dumb' TRVs').

    To add to my situation, I do have more smart radiator thermostat but my radiators in the living room do not seem to be compatible for installing the smart radiator thermostats (this, unfortunately, is my conclusion after googling).

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @PBDB Hello again. 'dumb' as in 'not smart' (in this instance dumb equals not tado) Putting it differently - all those radiators without a tado thermostat will always get heat whenever a tado device calls for heat.

  • Great, really helpfull samd, thanks. So to put it boldly, the only solution is to use smart radiator thermostats, and without those it will not function the way it should be?


  • @PBDB Hi!

    Yes. You have a "constelation" of smarts that communicate and can turn on and off your heater following temp and your programmed lows. But your living and kitchen can't communicate with the heater, so those radiators will heat all the time that your heater is active, and will rest only when occasionally ALL other smarts guys reach the temp or when they go to sleep whem programmmed !!

    Your plumber can change the two radiators thermostatic valves very easily. This will make it!

    Remember to link your TADO ROOMS with the zone controller. I guess you already did!.

    Best regards!
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