No remote access


everything was fien until earlier in the morning, now I see all my radiators tiles in the app dark blue in Color with "No Remote Access" listed under each?

I had received my wireless extension kit in the post today, not wanting to take any risks with the heating system, I was planing to install it to the boilr after the holidays, and therefore had taken just the first step towards adding the wireless extension kit to the Tado app (scan the QR code). I stopped after that, but, it seems the kit is now in the app, but, not connected, as i never powered it or connect to the boiler.

I was thinking maybe the no remote access is due to boiler extension now added, but, not funcrional all of the Tado kit is looking at this extension kit...

That is my pure guess. But looking st the firum, I see some others are having the no remote access issue as well.


1) Because the wireless extension kit isn't fully setup, there is no option to delete it from the app either!!?..

2) Any other reason why im getting the no access error?


  • I had the same problem a few months ago, when I did the same thing. You will need to ask Tado support to reverse the incomplete set up for you. That should also restore access to your existing devices.