Combi boiler still running after 5 minutes

Hey everyone,

I have a question about Tado:

I have 5 radiator valves from Tado + a tado thermostat (v2) in combination with a Remeha Avanta 28C. I have installed everything, but now I wonder if everything is properly connected.

In the combi boiler it is connected to 3 and 4, on the tado thermostat (which hangs next to it) it is connected to the Com & No).

The problem is that if 1 of the radiator valves requires heat, it takes more than 5 minutes for the thermostat to switch on.

This in itself is not too bad, the biggest problem is that if the radiator valves have had enough heat and shut themselves off, the boiler only switches off after 5 minutes.
This is extremely problematic, as a result of which the boiler can no longer pump the water in and starts making extremely strange noises and then giving an error code.

Is there no way to ensure that when the radiator valves no longer demand heat, to switch off the combi boiler immediately? (Like with my previous thermostat)

Can I select that somewhere?

Or anyone tips?

I have already contacted Tado helpdesk, but is not responding.

Thank you