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Thermo and app indicates ON but the boiler is OFF


I recently installed a Tado with a Viessmann Vitodens 050-W combi boiler and all worked correctly until this morning when the Tado indicated the boiler was ON but it wasnt.

The boiler came on when hot water was requested but didnt stay ON when the hot water was turned OFF, even though the app and thermostat states its ON

I turned the boiler OFF and ON and it has stayed ON, heating the house to the desired temperature. I have tested the connection between boiler and thermostat by turning OFF and ON via the app and it done what is was asked so the connection was ok.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Hi @lee73,

    Any update on your issue ?? 🤔
  • Hi Gary,

    I've not recieved any feedback from Tado. I'll be sending the unit back as it does not serve its purpose.

  • I can fully understand your sentiments Lea
  • Same issue, plus tado support have finished for the day so the house will freeze overnight. Products going back.
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