Can anyone please help

I am new to Tado and find it very confusing I have 22 smart radiator valves one smart thermostat and an extension kit. My downstairs is all linked to the zone of the smart thermostat upstairs are all unassigned. I have a couple of questions 1 should I get a second smart thermostat for upstairs to link all those rooms to a zone ? Currently if the radiator in the same room as thermostat (downstairs ) reaches the set temp I cannot heat any other rooms upstairs.
My second question is to do with several of the radiators when I override the schedule and switch them off I cannot and they keep blasting out heat. My costs are going through the roof and I can’t get any help from Tado. Appreciate any help I can get,


  • the6carmichaels
    I have 12 valves in four floors.
    ¿Are all linked to wifi? This is easy but many of us used to forget second main step. Perhaps something lacks in your settings but try this:

    As far as my spanish understands your english, you don’t need one more controller smart thermostat (but this affirmation depends of you number of TADO ROOMS. At the end I explain this).

    TADO allows control of 23 or 24 devices.
    FIRST, BE SURE that ALL 22 radiator valves are linked to your extension receptor “ZONE CONTROLER” (In the App navigate configuration/room and devices/click name of the room and scroll down till you see zone controller and select yours to link).
    ONLY in this way your thermostat is “smart” and can control your heater and App settings can work properly linked. This allows heater to be commanded on and off from every single head valve or sensors associated to valves under the groups called “TADO ROOM”.
    Most important is to establish also a sincronized simultaneous programation of every and all valves to stop during the day or night at your prefered time!! Only this allows the heater to rest. (Or the out of home button).

    In the App you can manage 24 devices, or so, BUT a maximum of 10 rooms for every controller. You need to design your settings for a maximum of 10 Tado rooms, with different combinations of valves and temperature sensors (one is your sensor thermostat (the square box. The rectangular box is the controller/receptor wired to the heater).

    I have 9 valves, one in 9 different real rooms and also in 9 App. TADO ROOM: uses 9 TADO ROOM
    Also, 3 valves 20°C an one radio thermostat 20, 7° C IN MY LIVING ROOM grouped as one more TADO ROOM: uses 1 TADO ROOM
    FOR A MAXIMUM of 10 rooms.


    Link all your heads to your single reception controller near the heater in the settings - room name - controller zone. THIS WILL GIVE YOUr App CONTROL on EVERY VALVE in ALL your real rooms, each one independently working (unless you group some of them in a TADO room with a temp. sensor) ( another confusing TADO not well explained glory).

    Think on your 22 valves as a constellation of valves asking for heat. With programming you set the periods of heater rest.

    Create all the TADO rooms in the app up to 10. Think that ( I don’t know your home) you can make TADO rooms with several valves that will share the same temperature: two bathrooms in different floors, for instance.

    Let me know!! Best regards.
  • Hi @FJEE, Thank you so much what a fantastic effort, I will rearrange real rooms into Tado groups of rooms now. I very much appreciate your help.

  • @GrayDav4276 @the6carmichaels
    thank you for your comments. I’m sorry not to think and write briefly! This Tado cases are thick as a brick!!
    I’m still dealing with my humble system and some issues may find solution from other point of view.
    It’ amazing how TADO works but how much rhetoric is necessary to explain uses that will become easy later. Real rooms, Tado rooms, links to controller, clicks to heater... 10 rooms, 24 devices... thermostat wired, not wired, sensors, all the same but not, thousand of users wonderin’around...
    Please, share your progress and issues here to work together!! Happy Year!
  • Hi again @FJEE

    I have made all the alterations yesterday into room groups and this is a vast improvement, thank you so much for your help.

    I still have a couple of small issues but nothing major, I have one radiator in which does not seem to respond properly and still heats when it shouldn’t but I think this is because I have another radiator which as yet is still to have the radiator thermostat fitted.

    your help has been invaluable 🙏🙏

  • @the6carmichaels Good to hear that you are sailing! You are very kind!
    The radiator should close and open at your orders independientely of the other without tado head.
    Be sure that is well linked to the wifi bridge and to the zone controller.

    I had an issue like yours. A radiator was too high most of the time. Something as badly calibrated. This step is also a TADO bizarre step. Calibration is ok when three zeros blink until they stop and the temperature appears fixed in the head valve.

    Try to repeat this step BUT FIRST, review the plastic adaptor. I don’t know the UK (?) radiator metal valves. In the plastic adaptors to the radiator valve come long plastic pieces kind of cilinders. If this piece lacks (when installing the heads sometimes it falls unawarely) the head black plunger in the center of the Tado head and the metal piston in the radiator valve will not make proper contact, avoiding the head to open or close the radiator valve.

    It seems to me that your head tado is not well installed. Remove and check the adaptor and then the calibrator. Cheers! Thanks for your kind words!
  • When badly calibrated or attached to the support, the head or the App can show an error message E2 or E0 ( I don’t remember). But not always do so.
  • @FJEE Thanks again I will check this, best wishes for the New Year when it comes.

  • rizsher
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    @FJEE that is a very detailed an helpful.

    I have a query, I have a Nest 3rd Gen controlling my combi boiler for almost a year. I recently installed Tado tRVs on most of my radiators (the ones which still have manual TRVs are rarely used radiators which I keep on frost protection setting.

    I then went ahead and bought the extension kit to control the boiler as well just before Christmas. Put off installing till after the holidays in case I mess something up and dont have access to a plumber to fix things!!.

    Question is

    1) part of me thinks, it maybe better to leave overall boiler control in Nest, with Tado controlling TRvs - what would your suggestion be?

    2) If I do switch to Tado boiler control as well, do I really need the remote thermostat to control the boiler?. Or

    3) Just setup so that the individual TRVs call for heat from the boiler when needed??

    Thanks again.
  • FJEE
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    @rizsher Happy N Year or whatever it will be or brings!!!
    1. TADO CONTROLLING just your TRV means that you can control them from the APP, opening and closing your Tado heads on temp or programmation orders. Remember that tvrs don’t close the boilers but the radiators.
    That’s why you’ve well seen that can be fine if you put your boiler to rest with Nest controller. I have been doing that for one season with Danfoss ONE Thermostat controller (with very good App) and several TADO Tvrs with APP. Not too difficult, managing two good apps and thinking fine programming. Caring this Apps &my system has become a daily task for me!!

    Suggestion?: you can do it with good mental image of the whole and fine programming: Nest APP to program the on/off of the boiler, commanding the raw prioritary work schedule of the TVRs. Then Tado App, with TADO rooms well programmed for fine work in each place. All will “drink” energy from the boiler ONLY while it’s working at NEST orders.
  • FJEE
    2. If you already have Extension kit then it’s all done. ¿Is your Nest wired to your boiler?
    Is Extensión Tado Kit sensor (squared box) plus receptor controller ( rectangle box)?

    If it is so, use it and you’ll benefit completely from Tado “constellation” of TRVs from just one App

    Again, remember that what you call thermostat is just a sensor box. The boiler ON/OFF ZONE CONTROLLER is the rectangular box of the extension kit or, in the “wired thermostat” IT comes into the only square box of the device. in any case, they are managed and visible from into the App!!

    The TRVs, after wifi pairing and calibration with the radiator, MUST be linked to your Zone controller. FROM THAT MOMENT, any TVR is capable of on/off the boiler while it is programmed to do so.
    This means that, if you have a unwired thermostat (sensor + receptor zone controller” you don’t need really the external sensor because each head is independently commanding boiler on/off (until programming put them to sleep all al the same time!!). Of course, in the wired thermostat, sensor and zone controller are physically together. But still, in the APP, the zone controller is the only commanding the boiler.

    Try to install your TADO: the controller receptor goes to the old wires of your thermostat. But still I don’t know if your Nest is wired to your boiler or is unwired. Extension kit is unwired I guess, but TADO creates some many confusing names...
  • FJEE
    3. If you have TVRs bunch you still need always your ZONE CONTROLLER to make them work together with your boiler and App programming.

    The sensor thermostat is good to refine control in some TADO room with TVRS, as far as TVRs and sensor are grouped on the same Tado Room.

    Let me know!!
  • Thanks yet again for the very detailed response. My current setup is

    1) Alpha combi boiler

    2) Boiler hard wired to what nest calls the HeatLink, using Open Them wiring so, its better than just on/off control, the nest can modulate the gas consumption on the boiler

    3) The round display 3rd Gen Nest thermostat witch sits in my bedroom, can be moved anywhere in the house. This means, anytime the set temperature is reached in my bedroom, the boiler goes off. And all the radiators stop heating irrespective of the is Tado by TRVs set points

    4) Tado internet bridge, connected to my home router

    5) Tado TRVs on all the regularly used radiators in the house. All link to 4) above

    What I am looking to go to (i already have B and C, ready to install)

    A) Alpha combi boiler - no change

    B) Tado extension kit , this is the rectangular white box that gets hard wired to the boiler, essentially to replace 1) above

    C) Tado wireless thermostat - the battery operated square white box guess this world replace 3) from above, and could be used to drive the boiler based on temperature in the room it is kept.

    The question are, should I:

    i) Forget installing B), leave Nest controlling the boiler. OR

    ii) Install B) and C), and let C) do the overall boiler control, the TRVs will only heat when the boiler is running based on parameters from C)

    iii) Install B only, and let the TRVs individually call the boiler for heat as and when needed.

    iii.a) In this case, C can either be completely left out of the equation, or i can install it just as a temperature/ humidity sensor, with no execute control of boiler or radiators.

    Hope I've been able to clarify my queries.
  • FJEE
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    Your point n 3 shows that you are mainly worry about your own room temperature! 😉 TADO sensor temperature (square) is equivalent to your bedroom Nest. Only the App makes it “smart”.

    Heat Links modulates your modulating boíler. OK, TADO receptor (extension) DOES IT TOO. Tado controller is a modulating one. So you don’t lose that with the change.

    Now, on your last questions:

    (((The question are, should I:

    i) ((Forget installing B), leave Nest controlling the boiler. OR)))

    —I wouldn’t. My system is similar to yours. if you have TRVs and TADO Extension Kit with sensor and controller you have all you need to use just one APP and a great System.

    ii)(( Install B) and C), and let C) do the overall boiler control, the TRVs will only heat when the boiler is running based on parameters from C)))

    — THIS IS is OKOKOK... BUT it does not work AT ALL as you explain. Change that image in your mind and you’ll be there to lead the Tado bunch! Is the APP THAT CONTROLS EVERYTHING and sends through the zone controller all flow to the modulating and on/ off in the boiler.

    Once that you already have TRVS, think your square sensor as a silly temp sensor to refine temp in the TADO ROOM where it would be finally placed. It will on/of the boiler as just one more of your TRVs.
    If you don’t have any available TRVs then, it makes sense as a tipocal (but unwired) hermostat “bundle” : temp.sensor/controller/scheduler App. (your old Nest design befor you bought the TRVs) to on/ off the boiler from just one single main room.

    BUT If you have TRVs, don’t hesitate and move ahead to manage the App at its maximum power.

    SO, Your B rectangular is a ZONE CONTROL (smart boiler on/off) for all TRVs AND also for your SENSOR square TADO. Benefit from this piece too!

    But the real smart guy is TADO APP!!
    EVERY TRV will say the boiler when to heat and in which room, AND ALL those orders are scheduled in the APP: that means you as “Captain on board”. Boiler will heat one room or several rooms as TADO rooms are demanding heat or not at different combined times. That’s why I call it constellation: a bunch of TRVs on and off, not blinking but fading o arising progressively on demand from... the APP!! Like Christmas trees randomly fading lamps but well programmed!

    Every TRV is a on/off thermostat that closes or opens the radiator valve for temp or time scheduled in the App. So, if the boiler is already working it is because it is heating one or more rooms, that’s fine, and the cold TRV will join the constellation to heat. And, If the boiler is sleeping because no rooms is asking for heat... then the cold TRV will open the radiator and inform the zone controller to ON the boiler. As all other valves are closed, the hot water will arrive from the boiler to the cold radiator. And so on. Of course, when “absence” function or low temperature for nightly or daily rest is scheduled at the same time for all of them, every TRV will maintain closed its radiator and controller will turno off boiler, saving even more money.

    Remember: if you have a Tado ZONE CONTROLER, then boiler sleeps when no Tado room asks for heat and, of course, in mandatory pause period with “minimum temp” programmed at the same time for every TRV. That’s why answer to your next question is No. Without Tado controller at work, your TRVs will close and open the radiators... but the boiler will be always on, which is not cool as the pump and energy will be wasted, circulating a kind of “circle line” till one TRV ask for heat.

    Consider too that your Nest has a kind interface for on/of your boiler. Also did my Danfoss controller. But TADO HAS A DIFFERENT CONCEPT. SHAME that they have NOT a window to schedule daily and weekly on/off of the ZONE CONTROLLER commanding boiler, that would put the TRVs “constellation” to sleep. Hope they will upgrade it soon.

    iii) (( B only, and let the TRVs individually call the boiler for heat as and when needed.))

    NO. You won’t do that because you BOUGHT ALREADY the main piece, the CONTROLLER, and have in your Smartphone a powerful App. Design your good Tado ROOMS and put your sensor (better call it like that) to coordinate with some TRV in your main room.

    iii.a) ((In this case, C can either be completely left out of the equation, or i can install it just as a temperature/ humidity sensor, with no execute control of boiler or radiators))

    Yea but NO. Why would you see the room temp in a room that already has a TRV that shows nearly the same temp (ok, the head is to close to the radiator, but...) PROFIT of your sensor. To work properly, the sensor must be linked to the zone controller and will send an OFF sing to the boiler when your room reaches the assigned temp. You better coordinate it in you main room. Sensor is cool to coordinate with TADO TRVs in a TADO ROOM. Use it so in your main room and it will make a more accurated regulation of the room. TRVs have 1 degree step and sensors 0,1 degree step.

    My system, sorry, I repeat but hope to help, consists of 9 TADO ROOMS, one TRV each and 1 TADO ROOM (big living-r) grouping three TRVs and one sensor (of course, the one that came with the extension kit). You can feel the difference... probably because of the modulation and average temp.

    Feliz Año Nuevo!

    Let me know!!

    p.d. Sorry for my length and my disorder. I try to tell about everything as a kind of speech, instead of TADO’s Mr. Spock logically friendly lack of real issues info. I was on shock several days with 13 Tado devices not working.