Central control but Independent temperature regulation of grouped rooms


Hi - I want to group the rooms that comprise our main living space into a single zone for consolidated scheduling and control, but to retain the independent regulation of the temperature in each room via the smart TRV on each radiator. I.e. the temperature in the conservatory needs to be regulated based on the measurement of the temperature via the TRV in the conservatory, the lounge via the TRV in the lounge etc.

It would seem obvious that this should be possible, but for the life of me I can’t see how via the app. If I group my devices together into a single ‘room’, i have to select a single ‘measuring device’, which completely defeats the purpose of having the smart TRVs on each radiator and clearly the temperature is going to be wrong in all rooms except the one whose device is selected as the measuring device!

Any advice as to where I’m going wrong would be much appreciated.

My system consists of the controller connected to the boiler, an internet bridge, a wireless thermostat, and 6 rooms with smart TRVs.



  • Hi @GrayDav4276 ,

    Thanks for your reply. I currently have it setup with several independent rooms, and that works, however given that 4 of the rooms comprise our main living space and therefore I generally always want them to be set to the same temperature when we are at home, it would be far more convenient to be able to consolidate them and set a single schedule and control the temperature for the group. Otherwise every action has to be performed 4 times.

    I guess what I’m after is not a ‘zone’ which is defined by a controller, or a room, but a ‘room group’. Even if I did purchase another control device and set-up a second zone, I’d have the same issue - if I control numerous devices as a group, I can only select a single ‘measuring device’.

    I really find it hard to believe this feature doesn’t exist. I don’t think my use case can be unusual?