Floorheating setup + radiator valves


Im looking to upgrade my house with Tado and im looking for some advice on setup.

Upstairs: regular radiators, two of them in the living room.

Downstairs: floorheating

I have drawn out this amazing diagram to illustrate what i think might be the way to do this;

Upstairs: So upstairs i would install smart radiator vales. My question here, do i need a thermostat to manage the temperature upstairs or will the smart radiator valves be sufficient?

Downstairs: This is the tricky one, how do i get my floorheating to play nice with Tado. Currently it has a pump and a temperature thermostat valve on it. I read a "zone valve" can be installed in combination with a Tado thermostat to control the floorheating. How does this work? Floorheating is most efficient if it is constantly turned on how does the valve help in regulating that temperature. Also does the floorheating mean the heater will be turned on constantly and if so will installing the valve help in decreasing the energy cost for the heater?

Last question i promise; Above is an image of the floorheating unit, from what i gathered we have some fairly exotics floorheaters in the Netherlands. Would the setup work on this heater?