Heating won’t go off!


2 days ago I installed Starter Kit Wired and 4 Radiator Thermostat’s, unfortunately 1 of the Radiator Thermostats was faulty so I ordered a replacement. Today I installed the Radiator Thermostat that was faulty and another that I’d ordered in addition. It’s been working all day and added 2 more users to the app to see if the geofence was working (which it didn’t when we all left the house). I also got a window open notification (but all windows were closed) and a little later I noticed that the radiators that had not had TRV’s fitted were getting increasingly warm despite the fact that the house temperature was above the set point or target temperature. I’ve removed the Smart Thermostat and removed the battery but the heating remains on. In desperation I switched the power off to the boiler and allowed the house to cool down over the next hour. Now the house is not like a sauna do I risk sticking the Tado Smart Thermostat back on the wall and switch on the boiler? What if it goes bananas throughout the night?


  • There wasn’t much to get wrong TBF, Common Live went to COM and Switched Live went to NO my Earth and Neg were redundant. It worked fine for 48 hours then went bananas! I switched it off using the away function overnight and i switched to home this morning and it does seem to be working ATM. I just hope it shuts off once the Thermostat gets to temperature.
  • It was simply the fact that I didn’t realise that the Radiator Valves switch the heating on as well as the wall thermometer. So if a Radiator was calling for heat and the heating was off the heating will still come on to feed that 1 Rad although every other Rad without a TRV will still receive the heat. I’ve set the timers on the TRVs to match the main timer/thermostat.