Are smart radiator thermostats needed in the room that has the main thermostat?

One week into a partial Tado installation (only 4 of 20 radiators fitted with the smart thermostats so far), and all operating well. I've installed the wireless thermostat in a room that still has a regular TRV and my question is whether it's worth fitting a smart radiator thermostat in this room? My thinking is when the room temperature is reached, the wireless thermostat will switch off the heating to the room anyway, so I can't see the point of two controls for the same room. Then again, if I want to change the room that the smart thermostat is located in and didn't have a smart radiator valve installed I can see I'd then loose the smart control from the original room. Unless I'm not understanding how the thermostats control the temperature, is it worth installing a smart radiator valve in the same room as the smart thermostat?


  • Hi @Leyther,
    If you have 4 of 20 radiators fitted with Tado SRT's (Smart Radiator Thermostat) then the other 16 radiators will be supplied with hot water, whenever the boiler has been fired up by any of the 4 SRT's

    So if you have the Tado Wireless Thermometer in the same room as normal (dumb) TRV's, even when the Wireless Thermostat reaches it's set temperature, if any of the other 4 fitted SRT's are demanding heat.....then the 'dumb' TRV's are still being supplied with hot water.

    So the moment....the Wireless Thermostat is controlling the 16 'dumb' TRV's.....but the operation of thei 16 'dumb' TRV's/radiators will be 'overriden' by any of the 4 SRT's

    As you purchase more devices then your system will evolve as you decide which rooms require SRT's or 'dumb' TRV's.

    Trust will go through a few derivatives of your setup....I am continually working on ways to make my setup better/more efficient.
    I have 10 SRT's. 1 Wireless Thermostat.
    1 Wireless Receiver (Extension Kit) and I utilise 2 'dumb' TRV's

    Good luck 🤞 😎
  • Thanks for the advice!

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