Are smart radiator thermostats needed in the room that has the main thermostat?


One week into a partial Tado installation (only 4 of 20 radiators fitted with the smart thermostats so far), and all operating well. I've installed the wireless thermostat in a room that still has a regular TRV and my question is whether it's worth fitting a smart radiator thermostat in this room? My thinking is when the room temperature is reached, the wireless thermostat will switch off the heating to the room anyway, so I can't see the point of two controls for the same room. Then again, if I want to change the room that the smart thermostat is located in and didn't have a smart radiator valve installed I can see I'd then loose the smart control from the original room. Unless I'm not understanding how the thermostats control the temperature, is it worth installing a smart radiator valve in the same room as the smart thermostat?