Are radiator TRVs supposed to keep adjusting?

Hi all, happy new year and all that!
I installed my new tado stuff, all works properly I think, but out of the 7 trvs one keeps adjusting itself, maybe once an hour?
It doesn’t light up at the trv or show anything happening on the app but you can hear the motor changing position

Is this normal? Don’t think any of the other trvs are doing it, however the one that is adjusting is in the room with the wall thermostat which I’ve set as the measurement device out of the two.

Is it adjusting itself because of the weather adaption feature ?
My app is all 7 set to 21 degrees and I don’t change it, so I thought once set the trvs would adjust their motor to 21 and then just stay there without further adjustment?


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    This is happening when the room is at the correct temperature but the other rooms aren't.

    The boiler is then running for the other rooms and the TRV in this room needs to be closed. Until the room cools and it needs to be re-opened.

  • As I’m sitting here, I have one radiator stat on in the living room, and the other 6 off, the living room is set to 21 , has reached 21 and has turned the boiler off, but I can hear the stat in the other room adjusting, it’s only a brief motor sound, but it’s definitely adjusting , that’s 3 of them that I’ve heard moving now, when the boiler is off
  • DeNiAnCe
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    The bit I can’t get my head around is......
    My old standard trvs I could just set them all to 21 degrees and they just sit there until the room went above 21 then they would close until the room went below 21 and they open again. The wall thermostat would control the boiler.

    I thought the smart trvs were exactly the same idea except they were remote controlled up and down, I thought if I set them all at 21 they would just stay at 21, the room would heat to 21, and the trv would close, and the boiler would switch off, (the boiler will stay on if another room is calling for it), but I can’t understand why I can hear the smart trv activating when the boiler is off, I just thought when it’s remotely turned to 21 the motor turns to 21 then it acts like a standard trv with the temp sensor inside it pushing the valve in and out?

    I dunno maybe I’m overthinking it😂
  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    The difference is that you can hear it, while classic TRVs are almost silent.

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