Wireless thermostat not controlling boiler

I have an Ideal Logic 15 System Boiler which had a Danfoss controller for heating only (water is always on) and a wired thermostat in another room. I’ve replaced the controller with the wireless receiver following all instructions but it won’t control the boiler. I have TRV that call for heat but won’t work unless the wireless receiver can turn the boiler on. I’ve replaced the room thermostat with a tado one and this hasn’t helped. The room thermostat has to be on for the heating to work.

Whilst not in the instructions I have tried blocking/connecting the wired thermostat but this keeps the boiler on continuously with no way to turn it off.

I’ve reached out to Tado on the 24th but due to holidays no reply yet. Any suggestions?

Best Answer

  • morgan2567
    It’s now working. The wiring was correct. Tado finally responded this morning and needed to configure the device their end for it to work. Nothing we could’ve done this end.


  • i would imagine the wired thermostat should be removed when you installed the wireless receiver. If you set the wired therm to max then adjust the TRV to turn on and off dow the boiler also turn on/off

  • The wireless receiver can’t seem to control the boiler. When the heating is on max (or wires connected), the receiver can’t turn the boiler off. The only way to get the heating to work is to keep the wired thermostat and to turn it on every time I want any of the radiators on.
  • Thanks GrayDav. You’re not condescending at all and I appreciate all feedback.

    My first thought was my error. I’ve reinstalled the wiring several times before I posted and I feel it’s correct. The instructions don’t take into account my wired thermostat so I assume there’s an instruction missing or the NO/NC wires might need swapping. Maybe a loose connection in the wall but I don’t think it would be this. I didn’t want to risk connecting something wrong and damaging the receiver.

    I’ve sent Tado a chaser message (one of many) but as others have said on this forum, they’re bad at replying at the best of time so after a marketing campaign over Christmas, I don’t know how long it’ll be before they’ll get back to me
  • I totally agree. I had seen a previous post where someone appeared to have a similar issue and it was resolved remotely by them so I wasn’t completely surprised.

    They said they amended the wired thermostat for the radiators but not how or why. I just know I can now keep it off. The wireless receiver remains the only available zone controller in the settings but I would guess it’s because I have a wireless and wired tado thermostat. Had I just bought the wired and radiators, then i would guess it would’ve been configured to work (as a zone controller) and if I only needed a wireless receiver then something similar. However because I needed to replace both, there’s a hidden unknown setting for the wired. Who knows!