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I have an old Drayton Lifestyle LP722 CH and hot water controller and separate dial roomstat, which are mains wired to a gas fired Rayburn, and would like to upgrade to a tado. Will this work? The LP722 is a plain old wall mounted digital device that has separate timer programmability to fire up the Rayburn to heat the hot water tank, or to turn on the CH pump, up to twice a day each. You can jab a button to do CH or water heating advance, but that’s all. And then the separate roomstat dial cuts off the CH pump at the set room temperature.

The LP722 still works fine and I’m happy with the hot water coming on twice a day as now, but I’d like to be able to have a smarter home heating system, so I can increase room heat via the phone app, set minimum room temperatures for different times of day and overnight, and also benefit from the other tado smart features.

So my question is, do I actually need to replace both the LP722 and the roomstat, with a tado, or just the roomstat? I’m not sure if the tado can do the hot water as well as the heating. Maybe I leave the LP722 in place doing the hot water, with its CH setting to 24 hours, and have the tado instead of the roomstat dial, doing the clever heating control stuff. And so which Tado version would I need?

Any help gratefully received!

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    If your current room stat is wired you can simply replace it with a Tado wall stat. Buy the Starter Kit - Wired Smart Thermostat V3+. On the LP722 you set the CH to Constant and continue to use the HW program as before.

    If you want Tado to control your hot water as well then you need to buy the Extension Kit. The extension kit replaces the LP722 and is wired with a similar backplate.

    There’s also a Wireless Receiver that does the same job as the Extension Kit but the wiring is a bit different.

    I used to have an LP722 in my system. When I started I just bought one wall stat to evaluate the Tado system. I upgraded to the extension kit and other devices later.