Do you really need a smart thermostat if you have a extension kit

Having read conflicting responses on this on the forums, do we know exactly how the TRVs connect. If you have a extension kit controlling the boiler, do the TRVs talks directly to it, do they converse via the bridge or ( as some have said ) do they converse via a smart thermostat? I guess i could find out by turning bits off but just wondered if anyone had already determined this.


  • Hi @phil_tann,
    Before I can give you 'good advice', I need to clarify a couple of points....
    1. When you mention "TRV's" are you meaning Tado SRT's.....or your original 'Dumb' TRV's
    2. When you mention "Smart Thermostat" do you mean the Tado Smart Thermostat.
  • Yes and yes, have all installed so was just wondering exactly how it all communicated, as said I could find out by switching the smart therm and bridge off but just thought I’d ask first
  • OK @phil_tann,
    Your SRT's call for heat from the boiler via the Tado Extension Kit (also called a Wireless Receiver).
    The SRT's get the 'Scheduling' information.....which you 'see' in the App......however these 'schedules' are actually 'held' on the Tado servers, which your system accesses via the Tado Bridge. So no Internet connection.....'no schedule' and therefore no control of your "SMART" heating system (not a SMART method of operation in my opinion) (that's a personal opinion BTW)

    As an aside.....if you have the Smart Thermostat and 1 or more SRT's in the same Tado Room....then you must choose 1 device as the 'main/control' device.....then the ROOM temperature is controlled by the selected control device. Assuming that the 'control' is done via the Smart Thermostat, then the other SRT's do not call for heat.....they simply act as thermostats to open and close the radiator valve.

    I hope this has helped a bit.
  • Thanks knew all the above, only question was do the SRVs talk direct to the receiver or via the bridge/smart therm
  • Well I think I covered that bit.....👍
  • I have the same or similar question. Do I need a thermostat? I have 8 trvs and extension kit with hot water control. I also have a thermostat that has sat in a drawer for 10 months, have no use for it, can I remove this thermostat from my system and let the trvs and extension kit control my heating an hot water.

    Thermostat is asking for batteries at the minute and I don't see the point in replacing them.
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