Adding additional smart radiator valves



I currently have a single smart thermostat with 9 Smart rad Valves connected to it but to complete my system I need to be able to add 3 more smart rad valves. I understand that the limit is 10 so is there any way around this? Can I add an additional smart thermostat and use it wirelessly to effectively create another zone?


  • dennisoliver

    Thanks for reply, not sure I really follow. My set up is as follows:

    Smart Thermostat 1 - controls underfloor heating Zone 1

    Smart Thermostat 2 - controls underfloor heating Zone 2

    Smart Thermostat 3 - controls underfloor heating Zone 3

    Smart Thermostat 4 - controls underfloor heating Zone 4

    Smart Thermostat 5 - controls underfloor heating Zone 5

    Smart Thermostat 6 - In Bedroom 1 with 1 x Smart Rad Valve

    I then have 8 more Rad valves, all in different rooms and each room has a single radiator connected to the smart thermostat in bedroom 1

    I am assuming therefore that because all 9 smart rad valves are connected to the one smart thermostat in effectively 9 separate rooms I have only capacity for 1 more room. I want the additional rad valves to control the temperature of the room I put them in and have different schedules. One of the new valves will go in a bathroom and one in a hallway on the floor above, makes no sense to put them in the same room.

  • dennisoliver

    I didn't add the first 5 thermostats in original post as I don't think they are really relevant, was just trying to explain the complexity of my set up.

    The important point I think is that my upper 2 floors have a single smart thermostat to which 9 rad stats are connected each as individual rooms (because they are in individual rooms) I still have a bathroom, a hallway and a dressing room without a smart rad and I can't see any way that I can add 3 more. It doesn't make sense to me to combine them into "rooms" because they are not in the same room.

    The bathroom for example gets used once per day as we use the ensuites at all other times so I want to put a rad stat in it and set it so it only comes on for a couple of hours in the evening. Putting it in a "room" with another stat would not give me that control as no other rooms need the same schedule.