Proposed Setup OK?


I have a flat/apartment with living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen/diner and hallway connecting all. Rooms have one radiator, including hallway, except for two in the living room. I have a combi boiler in a cupboard in the kitchen/diner, with no controls other than manual/timer on/off and separate heating and water temperature dials. I have a Google home system with minis in each room.

Looking to set up a smart heating system that I can program, adjust manually by voice on the minis, and remotely via the Google home app. Tado system seems to meet what I want. I am thinking I need a wireless smart thermostat starter kit, that gives me the part I wire into the boiler, a thermostat and the internet bridge. Then I am thinking of one smart TRV per rad (1 Quattro + 1 Duo, which seems cheapest).

I have read a few things about getting the TRVs reading a useful temperature, and I will try installing all TRVs horizontal at the bottom of the rads, with the temperature sensor 'hole' pointing away from the rad. Is this likely to be good enough? Or should I get temperature sensors for the rooms as well? (I assume the thermostat acts as a separate temp sensor for one room).

A couple of questions:

Is there any need/benefit from an outdoor sensor, and can the Tado wireless sensors be positioned outside?

The Tado devices also measure humidity, I believe. What can this be used for? Are there other devices available/planned?

I would be interested in a more open system that was cheaper and provided more control over the innards - What options are there out there?

Thanks in advance, Ed


  • Just looked online, and it appears there are now both horizontal and vertical TRVs. Is the difference just the visuals? Seems like it.

    Also see a #200 Quattro 4-pack TRV deal, so maybe I'll just get two of those and use the extra TRVs as room sensors if I need them. Thoughts?