Tado broke my heating more than before

I previously came here

I thought Tado had fixed the issue their end but they’ve made it worse and I haven’t heard from them since telling them. I have to manually switch the boiler off at the wall at night because of them!

I have a wireless receiver starter kit and a wired add on. The wireless can’t seem to control the heating and I had to schedule the wired thermostat to turn on for this to work. I reached out before Christmas and they finally responded and changed something their end which I thought had worked. All they’ve done is switched my wired thermostat so it’s continuously calling for heat. My boiler now won’t turn off. They’ve escalated to their technical team without an ETA, haven’t switched the system back to how it was and haven’t read my recent messages. I’ve sent them a number of messages telling them they’ve made it worse but no response yet. I’m therefore waking up freezing as I can’t keep the boiler burning all night long.

Anyone else had a similar problem?