Radiator thermostats

Question - how do the thermostats that are on the radiator valve measure the room temperature? They are right next to the heat source so I'd like to understand how they calculate a room temperature.

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  • samd
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    @earvhs According to many on here, they stick up a wet finger to see if there is any wind. If none then it's a random pick between 15c and 21c. If it's windy they feign ignorance.

    Sorry I know not - someone may well be along to help you but I can say they are not very accurate.

  • mikk
    edited April 19
    Yes, it's not the best arrangement for temperature measurements. It's the same as any traditional mechanical thermostatic valves though, although the traditional ones often have slots to improve airflow to the sensor.
    Tips to improve temperature measurements include a sensible installation of the valve (away from hot pipes, at the bottom of the radiator, preferably horizontal), a separate room sensor or thermostat for measuring temperature, or offsetting the measurements in the app.