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New set-up - TVR's not turning on boiler

Hi All,

New to Tado and setting up today as the following:

I replaced my old thermostat with a Tado Smart Thermostat (this is hardwired to the boiler on voltage free contacts).

I've now replaced all of my radiator TVR's with tado Smart TVR's.

As far I as was aware when I purchased the kit, the TVR's would be able to "call" for heating in the individual rooms where they reside, however on testing it seems the TVR's are unable to call for heat, and are reliant upon the smart thermostat being "on".

From what I've read since, it would appear that I need to set up that smart thermostat as the zone controller, and then assign each TVR to this zone controller. However, within the tado app, under "zone controller selection" there is only one option listed "No zone controller (independent)". This is the same for all rooms and all devices.

So my question is:

  1. How do I set up zones? I assume that all devices and rooms are part of the same "zone", but I have no way to verify this.
  2. How do I enable a device as the "master" or zone controller, and subsequently assign devices to this master controller
  3. Is this even how the system is supposed to work, or am I missing something fundamental?

Thanks in advance for help and advice


  • Jakey, If you go into the app - select Settings - under Home field select Rooms & Devices - then select your rooms ( not the device ) 

    You should have a Heating zone tab at the bottom with zone control

    2 options 

    1. zone controller - select this if you want the device to call for heat.
    2. no zone controller ( independent ) - select this if you do NOT want the device to call for heat.

    So two scenarios

    1. you have multiple trv’s with 1 room thermostat and you only want to turn your boiler on when the thermostat temp changes ( but you still control temperature in rooms with trv’s ) but remember they will only heat up if the main thermostat has called for heat.
    2. multiple trv’s and 1 room thermostat but all calling for heat independently. so any room with a trv can start the boiler.

    I used scenario 2 whilst I only had a couple of trv’s but now with many I have all the trv’s calling for heat I also use apple homekit to automate the home and away option. I have set my bedroom to not call for heat and set temperature to high from bedtime until I leave for work so when another room calls for heat in the morning the valve is already open so does not wake me up but allows the room to heat up toasty.

    hope that makes sense and helps you.

  • Hi,

    Yes that makes sense and it is very helpful. From what you've shown my set up should work. . .

    Then the issue I have is that the app is not showing the 2 options for zone controller.

    Heating Zone denotes "Not Assigned"; and when I try to assign a zone controller. . .

    I only get the single option for "no zone controller (independent)."

    I have contacted Tado support directly, via chat and email around 3 days ago but no response so far.

    Thanks again for any additional support you can provide.

  • Hi Jakey, just checking I see two options on ios devices running app ver 6.3.1.

    Then thought would check website logon and that has the option to change controller also.

    Could you log on to the tado website and see if you have the option there, cheers John.

  • Thanks again for the response.

    I can confirm the IOS app v6.3.1 even tried the beta version 6.3.2

    The Tado website itself strangely enough doesn't even give me the option for zone controller. . .

  • Hi Jakey,

    I know the problem and feel I have been giving wrong advise.

    Do you have the extension kit?

    I’m making the assumption you have not because that is what is listed in the app and on the website after I have looked at your setup and comparing with mine.

    So to make the adjustments ourselves we need to have the extension kit if not you need to email or contact Tado and ask them to change the setting on the server.

    Apologies for the mis-information at the start presumed everyone had the option.



  • Hi John,

    Aha! No, I do not have the extension kit - that's all clicked in to place now. How the system works (or at least how it's designed to work) makes a lot more sense to me.

    I assumed that I could use a thermostat to control the boiler, but it looks like it may be better to use the extension kit receiver for the boiler control, and have that thermostat independent.

    Thanks for all your help! I have a much clearer picture in my head now :)

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