Tado changes the settings of my central heating boiler!

I had been looking for the possibility for some time to lower the flow temperature of my central heating boiler, because I only have underfloor heating that should not be warmer than 50 °. But if I try to lower the temperature, the Tado thermostat simply sets it back to 85 °.

When I unplug the thermostat, the temperature remains at the value as I have set it. I think this is undesirable behavior of the thermostat.

How can I change this behavior in my Tado thermostat. It now costs a lot of unnecessary heating costs. 😒


  • Sounds like you have the OpenTherm connected and it's modulating your boiler. You should switch to relay (on/off, like a traditional stat) and if you can, use weather compensation on your boiler rather than OT.

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