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Monitoring but not controlling a room

Hi all,

So I'm happily using TADO to control the heat in many rooms in my house, but in addition I would like to monitor (Not control) the temperature (And humidity) in some rooms that don't have heating facilities (e.g. the loft, garage and conservatory).

I've almost managed to achieve this using the Smart Radiator values by setting up a valve on a real radiator, then setting the room to "Off", then removing the valve and putting it in the room I want to monitor (e.g. the garage).

This works most of the time, but the problem is that if the room drops below 5C then the frost protection kicks in. This then fires up the boiler and heats the parts of the house not controlled by other Smart Radiator Valves. Obviously the actual garage doesn't have a radiator, so the heating fails to actually heat the garage and so the whole house heats up to a very uncomfortable level.

I know that TADO isn't designed for this Use Case, but it's frustratingly so close to what I need I thought I just check if there was a way I could disable the Frost Protection feature?

Also, could I achieve something similar using a Smart Thermostat instead of a Smart Radiator Valve? Is it possible to create a room in TADO that contains a Smart Thermostat but not any Smart Radiator Valves?

Thanks in advance



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