Tado UK support

I see the UK store has disappeared due to blooming Brexit (I certainly didn't vote to leave.). I read a review on another retailer recently that the support for UK has stopped for the moment re hardware replacements etc?

What is the current situation with Tado and the UK as I'm reluctant to spend several hundred pounds if it's market they're no longer be supporting.

I have Nest at the moment.


  • I have just purchased the wired starter kit and need a wireless receiver but cannot buy it as it is no longer being sold in the U.K. due to brexit. Hopefully this just to temporary problem?

  • Indeed, welcome to Brexit :(

    Can't get Unifi kit, Tado now, Sonos out of stock everywhere. Retail friends speak of major gaps appearing in their stock lines.

    If I was younger I'd leave the UK.

    Part of me is not expecting the market to be big enough for tado, so I don't hold my breath.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    Amazon UK has plenty of stock.

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