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Can you install Vailant Eco Plus 828 by eBus with 2 zones Valves

I am looking to install Tado system with Extension Kit,SRV, Smart Wireless Thermostat Zone 1 Valve & Smart Wired/ Wireless Thermostat Zone 2 Valve by eBus connection terminals -/+.

I assume that there is no wire connection for the thermostat to connect for either Smart Thermostats in the wiring centre as we are not wiring to the RT connection at the boiler ? If this correct any idea where you would Link the Zone valve Brown wires to open motor to Call For Heat?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance


  • Hi Mikey07,

    You may be able to have 2 extension kits connected to you different zones therefore the trv would communicate with the relevant extension kit to call for heat, This is only my view of the system workings as I only have 1 zone.

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