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1 room , 3 smart radiator thermostat

I have 3 radiators in 1 room all fitted with a smart radiator thermostat. No seperate measuring unit.

I would like to setup 20 degrees for all 3.
Now , 1 of the radiators is measuring. 20 degrees. The 2nd one has 18 degrees and the third one is 22 degrees.

I dont want to spit into 3 rooms.
How can i ajust room temperature of all 3 radiators to 1 fixed value, let say 20 degrees for all 3.

Is that possible ?


  • GrayDav4276GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited January 11

    Hi @Frankyjab ,

    In settings → Rooms and Devices.......Select the Room (not the devices)

    Then select one of the devices as the "Measuring" device......this is now the "controller" for the Tado Room.......so, the selected device monitors the temperature, and "calls for heat" as per the Schedule settings.

    The other two devices will "open and close" their valves to heat up their readiators......these 2 devices do not "call for heat".

    It's a bit like "Lord of the rings"......" One device to control them all" 😎👍😂

  • Ohhh. Ok. So i should put the "coldest" radiator the master. With coldedt i mean , the slowest to heat. This is a radiator close to the coldest spot in the room (2 large windows) . That makes sense. Let me test that. Thx.
  • Hi @Frankyjab,

    Do a little bit of 'trial and error' and then decide which one works best for the results that you want.
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