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Tado requesting heat even when the app reports that all sensors and TRV's are over set temperature

Hi All,

I wondering if anyone can help with my issue.

I installed tado yesterday on an Ideal Independent C30 Combi Boiler. My setup is as follows

All downstairs radiators do not have TRV's and I use a single wireless temperature sensor in the middle of the lounge/dining room.

Upstairs all bedrooms have been fitted with tado TRV's, But the bathroom is also a bog standard radiator without a TRV.

I noticed that although all rooms are above the set temperature the tado controller is still telling the boiler to request heat. The app also confirms that no rooms are "heating" currently.

All the rooms with TRV's are fine. The radiators are all off. But downstairs (and in the bathroom) the radiators are still really hot despite the fact that the thermostat in the lounge is set to 19C and reporting the current room temperature is 23.4C.

I expected that when the temperature was reached on the temperature sensor downstairs, the tado would stop the boiler from providing heat to the radiators (assuming that any rooms with a TRV were not requesting heat).

I've reached out directly to support, but wondered if anyone had encountered anything similar


  • Hi there,

    I’ve recently installed Tado and had the same problem. After a bit of investigation I found that the 2 port valve (which directs heat from the boiler to the radiators) was sticking open after Tado stopped calling for heating. I’m not sure if they all work the same, but when the power is dropped from the valve it automatically closes and a N/O contact stops the boiler. As mine was stuck open, it kept calling for heat regardless of any of the thermostat temperatures.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

    Unfortunately I had the valve and motor replaced a few days before I installed the tado. Before my heating was only able to send hot water to the taps and not the radiators.

    I actually av alleviated the issue by reducing the radiator dial on the boiler, and opening the doors for a while to let some excess heat out.

    Since reducing the setting on the boiler, the heating in the lounge seems better, but I'll need a couple of days to see how it behaves.

    I'm curious to know what the radiator temp setting on the boiler should be set to when using a tado (I'm referring to the radiator dial on the front of the ideal independent C30)
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