Boiler too powerful/radiators noisy at night

I have four rooms controlled by tado. At night time when only one or two radiators in bedrooms are potentially heating at a time the radiators are too noisy(loud water flowing noise)- I assume as all the water is flowing through only the two rads. The others being off. This is an issue with boiler rather than the thermostats themselves. I have tested turning other rads on and the noise drops.Is there a way to adjust anything to reduce noise? Would a different pipe work set up be required, like an over flow system or something. It is a combi gas boiler I have


  • It sounds like your water pump is using a constant speed mode which is causing problems with water velocity when multiple TRVs are closed. Many of the new water pumps have a proportional pressure mode, where the pump speed changes as the TRVs open and close. Even if your pump only has a constant speed mode you may be able to reduce the speed - most have three speed settings.

    Next time you get your boiler serviced ask the heating engineer if they can adjust the pump mode/speed while they are there.

  • Thanks grilled cheese. The boiler is an ideal logic max. I think it is modulating. The plumber didn't seem to know about proportional pressure mode. I think possible the boiler is over sized when considering modern WiFi trvv will turn half the house off most of the time. I have email tado as the plumber said he had another customer with a similar prob who contacted tado and he suspects they came up with a solution. @GrilledCheese2
  • intesreting I think I have the same problem - Did you get a response from Tado?

  • Was this ever resolved? This noise is driving me mad. I'll have the Tado system taken out if this carries on

  • Same here, once tado starts modulating the heat output when it’s approaching the target temperature the radiator makes a rushing/motor noise.
    Only solution is to fully open the trv, messing up the balancing.
    Did tado offer any solution?
  • hugbilly
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    I would suggest reducing the pump speed . . .

  • @hugbilly the pump is variable, all part of the modulation
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    Ah, I'm afraid my system is relay / Y plan, I don't know much about tadoº's modulation control . . .

  • Yes, relay doesn't modulate the heat output like opentherm does.

    Tado say they don't control the pump.

    It seems from what I've read modern boilers vary the pump speed depending on how many TRV's are open/closed and doesn't get the speed right, hence the noise.

    If Tado don't control the pump it's odd how my noise is only when Tado is modulating the heat.