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Latest Instruction Manual for all TADO devices including TADO Smart Receiver, Bridge & Thermostat

Where can I find the latest instruction manual. Whilst it is good to see community support, this does not substitute for a manual as it is highly unlikely for users to have the same set-up, requirements and equipment.

Thank you


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Grover Main Support section below should give you what you need


  • Thanks for that SAMD. It will provide some answers of course, but with no cross referencing, no index or descriptions by default I shall have to read every section so far published to look for answers to any and many questions unanswered.

    For example, here's the sort of questions I need answering, "Why am I unable to switch off my DHW via the TADO system?"......AND....."Why is my DHW on all day long when it is commanded to OFF by TADO?"

    A full written description of the system operation would enable me to determine the answer. Instead I need to read every question to see if I can find any relevance.

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