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Upstairs zone not getting heat when radiator valve requests.


I have had 2 wired thermostats for couple years now with an extension kit. 1 is downstairs and 1 upstairs in the halls (as that's where the old thermostats had been wired to). Each zone is controlled by a mechanical zonal valve (BOSSTherm bvz222).

I have just bought 4 smart radiator valves with the intention of having 1 in each bedroom upstairs. I've installed the first one and set it up as Bedroom 1 but when I have tried to use it, unless the upstairs zone is calling for heat at the same time it will not warm up as the mechanical zonal Vale won't activate without Upstairs room also being on.

Any thoughts on how to make it so each room could independently call for boiler to come on and activate the mechanical zonal valve?



  • Thanks for the reply.

    My set up is closet to diagram D. One Thermostat in the hall and 4 rsdatiors in each room.

    I've tried to set a zone controller but only options I have is to set the extension kit as the zone controller or independent, and that's the same option for all devices.

    How can I set the upstairs thermostat as the zone controller for all devices upstairs?
  • Not sure why you cannot see both of your zone controllers. You could try the web app from your PC’s browser to see if it makes a difference. Otherwise I think you will have to ask customer support for help setting the zone controller.

  • Tried PC login, same issue.

    Ive sent them a message so hopefully will be something simple to change.


  • Just update.

    Found out this morning, When I call for heat from the smart radiator valve upstairs the downstairs zone comes on even though the downstairs thermostat isn't calling for heat.

  • i have the same issue i have raised a ticket with Tado, will let you know if i can get an answer.

  • Still not had a reply from Tado support so had a play.
    I looked at the back of my tado thermostat wiring and seen that the one downstairs had a grey cable and an earth attached but the one upstairs the grey and earth were "earthed" to the screw so thought me let's try it so I copied the layout of downstairs to the upstairs one. Low and behold I can change the zone to one of the thermostats or the extension kit now! But it was the one that was downstairs. So I then swapped the thermostats about and now it seems to work, radiators seem to call for heat upstairs with the thermostat that had been downstairs!
    Will see how it progresses over the next few days but let's hope.
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