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Cloud light blinking

Hi the cloud light on the extension kit is blinking and therefore everything is not working correctly
I’ve re set it but it’s still not working
Any ideas? Thanks

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  • GrayDav4276GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
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    Hey @what_a_tado,

    I was going to mention the internet bridge.........but I deleted that part because @Kate seemed to be convinced it was an Extension Kit, hence my response regarding Extension Kit & Wireless Receiver.

    @katemag78....... As @what_a_tado said you need a response from Tado Support.


  • Hi @katemag78,

    Can you clarify something for me please ?
    Do you mean an 'Extension Kit' or it's new version 'Wireless Receiver'
    The reason I'm asking is because (as far as I know) the older 'Extension Kit' only has 1 display LED....which has different 'blinking' modes. Information on the 'blinking modes' is available via Tado Help.
    I believe that the 'newer' Wireless Receiver has more than 1 display LED which have specific functionality.

    Again, I suspect that this information for the 'Wireless Receiver' is probably available in Tado Help.

    I have recently raised a question with Tado Support regarding my Extension Kit.....which has recently 'stopped blinking'

    I'm still waiting for a response from Tado Support......unfortunately.
  • Erm I think it’s the extension kit.
    It has different things on it, cloud, power and router
    I’ve tried everything on all of the help pages but it’s still not working!
    I’ve sent a message requesting support but have heard nothing!
    I wish you luck
  • Hi @katemag78,

    Extension Kit ........is 1 LED

    Wireless Receiver.......more than 1 LED

  • edited January 14

    @GrayDav4276 I think the OP is talking about an Internet Bridge

    @katemag78 If you have followed the following Tado troubleshooting article and it is still blinking then you will have to wait for support to respond.

  • Thank you so much! Yes it’s the internet bridge! I’m not very technical 🤷‍♀️
    Appreciate your advice
    Still waiting for a response from tado
    Thank you again
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @katemag78 Recently my bridge had this problem which I sorted by giving it a direct connection to the router whereas previously connected through ethernet on Power line where it had worked fine for 12 months!!

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