Wiring the hot water and heating programmer


Had the room TRVs fitted on 3 rads for the last 4 months along with the wired Thermostat. Not had any issues and all seems well.

So now i've decided to have the programmer as well for Hot water and heating. But have a few questions.

  1. I assume i have to replace the wired theromstat with the wireless one otherwise it'll have no control?
  2. Bit confused by the system. I think its a Y system as theres only 1 valve fitted not two. I have a water pump as well but thats not show on any of the instructions. Does that matter?

I'll try to explain the current wiring. I have a Randall 30 60 timer with 2 cables that go to a junction box (basically a row of choc block), the water pump, Cylendar stat, room stat and the, what i assume is, hot water valve (Md valve?)

the wiring in the choc block is....(hope this makes sense),

Pump (Blck), Cyl Stat (Brn), Valve (Orng) and Boiler (Rd) connected together

Cyl Stat (Bl) and Valve (Gr) connected

Cyl Stat (Brn) Timer point 4 (Blck) connected

Valve (Wht) and Room Stat (Yelw) Connected

Room Stat (rd) and Timer point 2 (Rd) connected

Mains (Rd) and Timer point 6 (Rd) connected

Pump (Bl), Valve (Bl), Room Stat (Bl), Mains (Bl), Timer pint 7 (Bl) and Boiler (Blck) connected

All earths conencted.

To replace the Randall with the Tado do i just follow the Y plan wiring in instructions? What happens about the Pump as thats wired in to all this? And do i need to wire in another Mains feed to the programmer?

If i can get my head around what happens with the Pump i think i can do this simply enough. Mains is fed from a switched fuse junction box, so will remove fuse as well as switching off at trip and testing for any live voltage before going ahead.

Attached a few pics that may help clear any confusion. If anyone can confirm in whats needed?

Many Thanks


  • You don’t need to buy a new thermostat. If you have a wired thermostat then it can be used as wired or wireless - it just needs a config change.

    If your motorised valve has 3 pipes connected to it then it is Y plan. If your motorised valve only has two pipes then it is likely to be S plan, but there should be two motorised valves for this setup.

    Tado are best to advise you on the wiring changes. They will probably ask for some photos first.

  • Thanks for that. Def only the one valve with 3 pipes connected. Ones from boiler, one for water tank and i assume others heating.

    I thought the wired and Wireless themostats were different units and you needed the wireless one to work with the programmer?

    Do Tado answer community questions?


  • Tado do sell a wireless temperature sensor which is only a wireless measuring device. But the wired smart thermostat will operate wired or wirelessly.

    Here’s a description of the different devices. If you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see the description for the wireless receiver states it can be used with the wired kit.

    Tado rarely respond on this forum.