Total Boiler On Time

After just migrating from Nest to Tado I'm trying to compare how long my Combi boiler has been on during the day. Nest helpfully showed the total heat time during the day but i've been unable to find the same for Tado within the app. Is it possible?


  • I would like to see this as well. Former nest user. This is a necessity for me.

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    Tado provides this information under the 'Care & Protect' tile, which also shows which rooms have been calling for heat. You can click on each day for a more detailed breakdown

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    This is not accurate, since TADO can also enable the pump only(1 wave can mean pump or pump+low heat demand). This results in inaccurate boiler activity time. I have no clue why tado didn't use 4 waves or 3 waves+ a pump icon :)

    Example: during moderate cold my house remains on temperature with 1 wave for multiple hours. Checking the boiler only shows pump activity no heat activity this can make the stats wrong by multiple hours per day. I stopped using the feature cause it does not relate well enough to gas usage or boiler on time.

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    Hi @fbenniks ,

    I totally agree with your assessment of this Tado feature. Also, I have had confirmation via a Tado representative that Tado cannot differentiate between devices that " Call for heat " and devices that are set up as " Independent " devices, which only " scavenge " their heat from currently "active " devices........Therefore the " % Heating " indications are totally inaccurate.....which will also cause inaccuracies in the monthly Tado " Energy Savings with Tado "

    The best thing to do is......IGNORE's all a nice selling point......but is actually" Smoke & Mirrors "

  • According to Tado my heating was on for 23 hours yesterday. Well, it's never actually "off" since room thermostats can pick any time of day and night to request heat.

    If you look at my gas consumption for that day, it is true that some gas was burned in every hour of the day, so in a sense it was "on" all day. But the reality is that most of the time the boiler was not lit. Typically it burns for 10 minutes and then chills for ten minutesor more, so in any average hour there is typically only 30 minutes of flame. Even then, it's heavily modulated down, so it's not a full burn rate.

    At minimum the boiler outputs (consumes?) 9kW, so with a total consumption of 71.47kWh for the whole day the boiler was only lit for 71/9 = 8 hours burn time at most, even less if the flame was above minimum.

    So what does that mean for Tado's figure of 23 hours? Not a lot, in my opinion. I have no idea how that number could be useful to anyone.

    To call it "smoke and mirrors" seems quite generous to me. ;-)