No remote access on all thermostats except one

I'm going through an installation, I have the bridge I've installed 8 valves.

All except one show no remote access. The one that works is not any nearer the bridge, nothing special about it, it just worked and was the last one I installed.

I've moved the bridge, no difference, tried to repair with the bridge on a couple of devices and no difference. I can get the device to say HI and otherwise looks like it's connected. I get alerts about windows being open from them even through no remote access.

Any ideas?


  • Have you tried unmounting all the SRTs and placing them all near the bridge? If all the devices are within a metre of each other it will allow you to determine if distance is an issue, or a problem elsewhere.

  • Yes I've tried on a few, I've moved the bridge next to one, repaired, all looks connected but still says no remote access.
  • You don’t refer to a room thermostat or wireless receiver. Do you have one of these acting as a zone controller to switch the heat source on/off?

  • That what the problem is I've just figured , the thermostat per room needed to be switched off as I've not yet got my full system working! Thanks for your help.
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