Setting Up Multiple Zones

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone could provide a little advice.

My house is set up roughly as below with wired connections shown in orange and water connections in blue.

There are 2 zones. The livingroom (zone 1) and the rest of house (zone 2). I have a thermostat in the livingroom which is only attached to radiators with standard TRVs. The rest of the rooms in the house are controlled in Zone 2 and have Tado TRVs.

My initial setup didnt have a Tado thermostat in the hall and to have the rooms heated, the original thermostat had to be set to full blast to constantly request heat. This left the boiler on constantly which would be super expensive.

I was advised by Tado Live chat to buy another thermostat for the hall as zones could be set up so that when the Tado TRVs request heat, that the thermostat in the hall would switch to request heat from the boiler for that zone.

My boiler type is an "Ideal" however I can't remember the model number.

There doesn't seem to be any options in the app to set up these zones which includes separate rooms, only for valves and thermostats in the same room i.e. in the hall.




  • Hi Liam,

    It sounds like that is the best option.

    it is a bit of a strange layout having a thermostat and single circuit just for the living room.

    Like your zone 2 I have a similar setup for my upstairs radiators as they are all on one circuit and I have replaced the upstairs thermostat with a Tado and all the radiators are on Tado STRV’s.

    The only thing I tend to do is lower the temperature setting of the Thermostat so it is only the STRV’s that demand heat as I am unsure if there is a bypass setup on the system.

    The STRV’s are assigned to that thermostat and when they call for heat the thermostat opens the valve and initiates the boiler.

    Doesnt sound like you can do much more with the living room.

    Because you have two heating zones I assume you cannot use the extension kit for hot water?

  • Hi Sean,

    Yes it is a bit of a strange way of doing things but actually, once you start to use it in this configuration it makes sense as you spend a lot of time in the livingroom. My house is only 3 years old so I was under the impression that this seems to be a new build thing.

    Can I ask, how do you assign the STRVs to a specific thermostat? That is the part I am struggling with.

    I have no idea, I have not considered an extension kit as my boiler is a combi boiler and only heats when required.



  • Contact support. Us mere mortals aren't allowed to do this ourselves.