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I have searched everywhere to a solution to my problem, and despite finding many reference pages and similar posts, I can't find a definitive solution. So I have come here since I've had no response from tado support.

Firstly, my configuration is as follows:

My house has 2 zone central heating, ground floor and 1st are one zone, 2nd floor is another.

I purchased tado° Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control as well as a Wired Smart Thermostat and configured as per below:

A) Danfoss SystemFit TP9000 Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat plus Domestic Hot Water Timer - Ground Floor WC which has been replaced by the tado° Wireless Receiver (inc .hot water controller)

B) Danfoss TS2 Room Temperature Sensor - First Floor Living Room which has been replaced with the Wireless Temperature Sensor

C) Danfoss TP5000 Si Thermostat - Second Floor Master Bedroom which has been replaced by the Wired Smart Thermostat

Smart Radiator Thermostats have/will be added to all radiators. The basic system works, as in I get hot water and all radiator heat.

My 1st problem is that I don't appear to have zones in my tado house configuration. everywhere I have looked seems to indicate that I should be able to configure the Wired Smart Thermostat (in the Master Bedroom) as a Zone Controller, I don't have this option in the app or web portal (see attached image1), can anyone explain why?

My 2nd problem is that when the Smart Radiator Thermostat on G's radiator calls for heat, the boiler does come on (I assume this is because the Wireless Receiver is set as the controller which I can't change) but the valve to heat the 2nd floor doesn't open as the temperate in the Master Bedroom containing the Wired Smart Thermostat is already on or above the required temperature. Therefore I can never heat G's room above the temperature of the Master Bedroom, how do I fix this? I should point out that a Smart Radiator Thermostat will be added to the Master Bedroom radiator shortly, but I still want to get the configuration done.

My house is basically configuration D here.

Elsewhere I have read that tado have to configure the zones and controllers themselves, is this the case?

Can someone please help as it's driving me crazy and I just can't find the solution and support aren't getting back to me.

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  • o00batman00o
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    Normally only Tado support configure the bus type and the zones remotely. But on internet you can find some manual for installer to do it locally. A long push on thermostat button alows to configure the bus type, extension kit and the zone to control.
    The probleme is to select the zone of TRVs.
    From my experience I guess that you need to install the first thermostat then the TRVs sharing the zone 1 then install the second thersmostat that will create a zone 2 then install TRVs that will be on zone 2.

    Some parameters cannot be set from the App. Like if a valve is able to call for heat or not.



  • Thanks for the reply. All was made clear when, as you say, a tado support agent remotely configured my Smart Thermostat to be available as a Controller. I then simply went into the App and configured the Smart Radiator Valve in G's room to call on that controller for heat regardless of the temperature set on that controller.

    All seems to be working now.

    I was just confused as I wasn't able to make/see Zones and everything I found online pointed to making this Smart Thermostat a controller, which I wasn't able to do.

    To be fair to support, they did reply quickly, I just think that somewhere it needs to be made clear that you can't make your own Zone/Controllers, well I wasn't able to anyway!

  • To be fair to support, they did reply quickly,

    How long did that take? I have been waiting for two days now.

  • Hi

    Im having a similar issue. Have 3 zones - Zone A controls the hot water and towel rails. Zone B is wired and controls the Downstairs heat and Zone C is wired and controls the Upstairs.

    I purchased the Smart Thermostat V3+ to do the hot water and towel rails

    The wired smart thermostat to control the upstairs heat and and another for the downstairs.

    I also purchased 8 radiator thermostats to control each radiator (apart from 2).

    I also appear to have only one zone and have asked Tado support to change the 2 wired smart thermostats to zone controllers. I did this already and they seemed to ignore it but have sent a follow up so hopefully they get my point.

    Hopefully will get a reply soon. Ill keep you posted.