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Google Home integration patchy

Is anyone else having issues with Google Home/Assistant integration. I have a Google Home device in each room of the house to facilitate house-wide voice control of everything. Over the past week or so I've had to disconnect and reconnect my tado account a few times because it keeps reporting it's unable to communicate with the tado servers. Each time that fixes the problem, but a day or so later and I have to do it again. Are there issues? Is it tado at fault of Google? Whats happening?

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    The cause of the issue has been identified and we are working on resolving it permanently.

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  • I'm also having this problem. I've had this for over a month.

    The only fix is to remove and re add the account. It lasts for that evening but when I come back to it the next day it stops.

    Makes me wonder if it is losing an authorisation token or something under the hood, something that would only last for a few hours since it works perfectly when reconnected.
  • Same problem for me too. Come on Tado, please sort this out sharpish.
  • Hi, THE SAME PROBLEM HERE !!! COME ON TADO !! What is going on????
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