Vaillant Home Combi 35-A and VRT 350 (wired) with Tado wired Thermostats - NO heating control

Morning all

Hoping someone can help em out. I have been heatless ( now 2 days and not had a response from Tado just yet - waiting on the phone call back)

I purchased the Tado wired v3+ starter kit and additional add on thermostat

I followed the instructions which was simple, the app shows no faults anywhere and the hot water is still running fine and being pumped to the right places. One thing that is not working is the heating system, when I raise any of the thermostats, the boiler does not kick in.

Any help would be amazing!!

My setup is below.

1 x Vaillant hombi combi 35

2 x VRT 350 (wired thermostat 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs) do not confuse with the 350F which is wireless

2 x wired Tado thermostats that replaced the above.