Multiple zones in open plan space


I've just installed everything but i'm doubting how to configure the zones/rooms.

My home is an open plan living space and thus 'one room', but there are multiple radiators and different zones.

Is Tado able to handle that i create different 'rooms'(zones) in one physical bigger room? (techincally yes, but i'm wondering what that means for the algorithm when it shows that zone 1 is being warmed up even though only the radiators of zone 2 are firing.)

Do you have any insights in this?



  • I know someone who split their large living space into two zones and it actually improved the performance of their system. One end of the living space was south facing and would receive a lot of solar energy on a sunny day. Whereas the north side of their room felt colder. By having north and south zones they had a more even temperature across the living space when both zones were active. I think you’ll get away with heating only parts of your space, but it’s probably something you just need to try. Changing the zones is not a big task.

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