Currently using radiator thermostats only - Why are they hot?

Hi- I have just installed new radiators and they all have Tado smart radiator thermostats. However, my boiler/wired wall thermostat are still old, planning to upgrade this year.

When the heating is on, and the main wall thermostat is set to 20C, all my radiators are heating to 20C, even if the Tado smart thermostat for that radiator/room is set to 15C. Why is that happening? I was expecting that if a particular radiator is set to 15C, that radiator would shut off at 15C, not at 20?

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  • BexP
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    I did, yes. They seem set up correctly, I’ve set up schedules and geofencing which seems to be working. It just appears that somehow the main thermostat is overriding the local radiator thermostats?

  • mindstorm
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    Hi, maybe check the SRT's are seated properly on the radiator valve. If they can't close the valve fully the heat would continue despite the setting.

  • GrayDav4276
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    @BexP ,

    All ok now ??🤔


  • samd
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    @BexP Hello. Did you buy the starter kit which includes the bridge?

  • Hi @BexP,
    How are your TADO SRT's communicating with your boiler?? 🤔
    Do you have an Extension Kit?? 🤔
    Which "Zone Controller" are your TADO Rooms (with the SRT's in) connected to??
  • They aren't communicating with the boiler, I don't have a central tado thermostat yet because the boiler is too old. I just have the rad valves and the bridge . However, it seems the simple answer was correct, although it had said they were mounted successfully, they weren't. Remounting them seems to have solved the problem. Thanks!