Is there a way to schedule turning the heating off if not done manually at a certain time?

I'd really like the heating to be turned off in my workshop (where I use my tado's) when I forgot to turn them off manually (through the app) so the heating doesn't go on through the night when I accidently forget to turn the heating off.

Ik know you can use a schedule, but I am not at my workshop at the exact same time in te morning and not each morning, so turning it on in the morning is VERY wasteful, I just want to turn it off if not done manually.

Geofencing won't work either because my workshop is too close to my home to notice the difference.

Any suggestions?

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  • Ferdy
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    The TRV's are individually controlled, but in a "room" together. The problem was the smart schedule has default settings and I needed to remove these completely. The current settings I have nog, shown in the screenshot seem to be working. Thanks for your help .


  • samd
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    @Ferdy Hi. Just do a schedule which starts near the time you want off by and ends 10 minutes later. e.g. start at 1900 and ends at 1910.

  • Hi @samd This didn't help, the "smart" schedule was still turning it on the next day, but your answer helpt me look into it a bit deeper. I now ended up completely removing all the smart schedule settings and blocks and then I can set a time to when I want the heating to be off definitely. Because there is no smart schedule for the next day, it wont turn on again.

    I'll test tis setting for now and post a definitive answer when it works.

    Thanks for your reply!

  • samd
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    @Ferdy You said: the "smart" schedule was still turning it on the next day that should not have happened. Have you got all TRVs being able to call for heat individually or does your main boiler-controlling wall thermostat need to be on?

  • sdmaino
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    Hi Ferdy,

    do you have any other smart home appliance in your house ? You could arrange something with IFTTT.

    For example, if you have a Fingbox you can make an applet saying IF you are back home (=connected to home wifi) THEN turn off Tado.

    There might be several ideas depending on what you have in your house...

    Hope this helps.



  • No other devices here, but thanks for the suggestion.

    I flagged my solution as the answer, because it works and in case someone is in the same situation as I was.